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... at GAIDA VCM, your partner for Contract and Claims Management.

Signing the contract doesn’t mean that the project is secured. In particular plant projects, like power stations, are subject to a tremendous number of interface problems and unforeseen circumstances in the course of the project execution leading to variations, delays and disruptions. Such factors can never be sufficiently forecasted and contractually covered in advance.

Nevertheless, a lot can be done preventively by intelligent contract terms; however contract management does not end with the signing of the papers. It should be compulsory for plant projects from the first tender until the final take over.

A preventative claim management is the solution. It allows for flexible project management without loosing entitlements for cost compensation due to justifiable circumstances.

Preventative and pro-active claims management by no means contradicts cooperative project management, timely mitigation measures or amicable problem solutions, but it requires specific rules and regulations adapted by all parties involved:

  • Claims are based on facts – not speculations or emotions
  • Any claim must be justified on the basis of the concluded contract
  • Compensation of costs is limited to those incurred in reality

Claims Management is the systematic identification, compilation, documentation and enforcement or defence of those project issues that have not been settled adequately between the parties at contract award. It is the monitoring of events, which might constitute an opportunity or threat, as well as the overall management of the contractually agreed project activities.

The preventative claims management requires a strategic project management strategy to avoid escalations as it allows for an early, well-documented and comprehensible presentation of entitlements for all contract parties and leaves no room for unjustified global reactions based on misinterpretations.


My scope of services for the management of construction and plant projects encompass:

Project life-based Contract Management
(Preventive claims management)

This incorporates the support and mentoring of the project team regarding all issues relevant for the contract, from the contract design through the contract administration to the daily handling, schedule planning and tracking as well as correspondence.

Professional Claims Elaboration
(Active claims management)

The claims elaboration is designed in such a way that it is still valuable in case of adversary proceedings and escalation procedures. This also includes the so-called "forensic delay analyses", i.e. the backward evaluation of construction disruption.

Further Services

These include training courses (especially in the field of contract and claims management), contract and project risk analyses, risk workshops as well as the support in the escalation and dispute resolution including mediation, adjudication and arbitration proceedings.


Norbert Gaida

Norbert Gaida is a highly experienced professional engineer, consultant and manager with over 35 years of business experience.

During the first 15 years of his professional career, he had been working in the fields of design, tendering, procurement and project management for power plant projects in Germany and abroad. A further 6 years experience in the construction industry working for power, water and civil construction projects has given him the opportunity to extend his wide knowledge in this business.

His initial experience in international contract and claims management was gained whilst working in England 1990/1991 and further enhanced during his employment with Siemens, Walter Bau and Gauff Engineering. After joining GibConsult in early 2004 he contributed with his experience and engagement in Power Station Projects to a great extent to the successful development of GibConsult.

Besides comprehensive assignments for various clients in the field of contract and claims management, he conducted training courses on these topics. In addition he carried out contract and project analyses and worked as a consultant for project strategy issues.

Due to numerous assignments abroad, he is also familiar with contracts which are subject to Common Law. His experience encompasses German standards such as VOB and VOL as well as international standards like FIDIC and NEC contracts.


Adress & Directions

Norbert Gaida
Drüggendorfer Straße 12
D-91330 Eggolsheim


+49 9545 950328
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